"To make an income while making an impact"


By importing products directly from local producers from Nepal we support one of the least developed economies in the world.


By cooperating with small local factories from Kathmandu valley we’ve personally visited, we promote good working conditions for employees.


5% of each sold item is being donated to the Heaven Hill Academy school located in Gaunsahar in the Himalayas because we believe education as a basic human right should be strongly supported.


Everything starts from love

From love to the mountains that has brought me to Nepal.
From love to Nepal that made me go back there.
From love to Nepali people and all I could've experienced there which inspired me to unite my personal road with himalayan trails.
Nepalove was born from my fascination with the uniqueness of that place and its people and from the desire to give back at least a part of what I've had privilege to be a art of while being there. I've decided to share that with you and introduce you to the colourful world of Nepal and offer the possibility to help those in need.

All products are made in Nepal despite the fact that the market is already flooded with cheap production from India and China. I've spend hours on visiting factories and talking about Nepal with the suppliers while having litres of masala chai (very popular tea with milk and spices).

Thanks to the time I've spent as a volunteer in a small rural school in Gaunsahar village, I had a chance to experience incredible kindness and peacefulness of Nepalis. Heaven Hill Academy school is an inspiring project of a local passionate and visionary, who has decided to open the school in his hometown without any financial support from the government. The school is free to all kids, no matter their religion or social status, and thus is a gateway to better future for local young generation. Kids can gain education without leaving to bigger cities or paying for it. It is a big privilege in a country where 15% of teenagers are illiterate and only 76% kids attend primary school (according to UNESCO).

The school in Gaunsahar is constantly developing and in order to accept more students each year they need financial help. Nepalove donates 5% from each sold product to support that cause. In this way you also can be a part of it and share some love with them. We want to infect you with our belief that TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE!

a word about me

ania kluczyk

Cultural anthropologist, mountain lover, passionate about meeting people, creator of Nepalove brand

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